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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Environment Aware Applications


eHealth Research Lab

2014/10 - 2017/10

The mission of the eHealth Research Lab project is to research and develop software and quality approaches for eHealth software solutions in today's ICT environments


Crossmediale Mehrwertdienste für die digitale Mediendistribution

2012/08 - 2014/12

The junior research group Chrooma+ is exploring how to enrich audiovisual media with semantic interlinked information. The project is a cooperation with the professorships Medieninformatik and Technische Informatik. We are focusing our research on Web services, digital signage and interactive television.


Federated Device Assemblies

2005/06 - 2007/01
Federated Device Assemblies (FDX) allow to federate device functionality across organisational boundaries based on Web service technologies. This is achieved by describing devices functionality in a machine readable abstraction. Using Web service technologies allows to access e.g. already existing security concepts.


Software Engineering for Information Appliances at Home

2005/07 - 2006/07
Microsoft Research Cambridge supports MWRG to conduct the project “Software Engineering for Information Appliances at Home” (codenamed Capricorn). The project is concerned with applying Web technologies and service-oriented infrastructures to enable scenarios of ubiquitous devices usage in domestic environments. One major outcome will be the Home Center Web portal that enables the federation of family and friends’ networks through heterogeneous information appliances.

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