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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Masterarbeit / Bachelorarbeit / Teamorientierte Projektarbeit

Semantic User Interface Components
Semantic User Interface Components

Research Area

Intelligent Information Management





In the past, authoring interfaces for form data mainly focused on traditional text input (HTML input fields, textareas, ...). The drawback of such a (multi) keyword-based text input is, that contextual information can only be derived in a very limited way, and that ambiguous meaings cannot be mapped to a concrete concept (imagine the word "right" for either expressing a direction or a demand). Even newer HTML5 form elements cannot solve this challenge on data level. The web community has already developed other approaches, such as URIs as unique concept identifiers (e.g. http://dbpedia.org/resource/Left_(direction) ). However, humans are not accustomed to working with these long denominators and perceive it as quite cumbersome. And the mapping task between keywords and entity identifiers is not always trivial.

The task of this project is therefore to make research on apropriate semantic user interfaces that allow the specification of concrete concept URIs and increase the Usability and UIX for a user. After a state-of-the-art literature review and a requirement specification, multiple approaches for semantic-aware user authoring fields should be presented and discuessed, ideally encapsulated as reuseable components. After that, an evaluation has to be done that assesses the UIX improvement and the applicability of these components. Optionally, a comparison with other semantic interfaces such as based on speech or touch can also be included.

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