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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Intelligent Information Management


CRC 1410 Hybrid Societies - Project INF

2020/01 - 2024/12

Research in the CRC 1410 Hybrid Societies pertains to the interaction with Embodied Digital Technologies (EDTs) as artificial bodies moving in real or virtual environments, but also to wearable EDTs extending and enhancing the human body as well as to those that provide evolutionary novel experiences to the human mind.


Establishing a research information infrastructure at TUC

2019/11 - 2021/10

The aim of the project is to establish a holistic research information infrastructure at Chemnitz University of Technology as well as the associated processes and governance structures in order to enable the organization, access, processing and transfer of research information and results for different stakeholder groups.

This measure is co-financed with tax revenue on the basis of the budget adopted by the Saxon Landtag.


Linked Enterprise Data Services

2015/07 - 2018/06

The innovative growth core project Linked Enterprise Data Services (LEDS) is aiming at developing, establishing and merchandising the next generation of semantic, interlinked data driven applications and services based on the Linked Data paradigm. In order to achieve this goal, LEDS develops a technology platform, which will include competences, methods and concrete technological building blocks. The project is directly in line with the development of Web 3.0 and with the 2020 strategy for eGovernment.


Crossmediale Mehrwertdienste für die digitale Mediendistribution

2012/08 - 2014/12

The junior research group Chrooma+ is exploring how to enrich audiovisual media with semantic interlinked information. The project is a cooperation with the professorships Medieninformatik and Technische Informatik. We are focusing our research on Web services, digital signage and interactive television.


Data Grid Service

2007/10 - 2013/07

The WebComposition/DGS continues the research within the WebComposition field and constitutes the first component of the fourth generation of the WebComposition approach. The WebComposition/DGS addresses the increasing need to store, access, manage and to publish ultra large amounts of data over the World Wide Web using a RESTful approach. The developed component addresses both, complex business-related scenarios as well as requirements in the context of Web2.0. The formal description of system-transcending relations allows furthermore modeling the interaction of different system components.


Web-based Federation Technologies for Science

2007/04 - 2008/12

The research project Web-based Federation Technologies for Science (codename "Hanoi") is concerned with the practical application of federated Web technology in real-life scenarios. This covers e.g. single-sign on access across Web sites, inter-organizational use of Web services, or federation management with the help of architecture registries.


Federated Device Assemblies

2005/06 - 2007/01
Federated Device Assemblies (FDX) allow to federate device functionality across organisational boundaries based on Web service technologies. This is achieved by describing devices functionality in a machine readable abstraction. Using Web service technologies allows to access e.g. already existing security concepts.

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