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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Decentralized interdisciplinary Research Data management with SoLiD
Decentralized interdisciplinary Research Data management with SoLiD



Research Area

Intelligent Information Management


Dang Vu

Dang Vu






Publishing and reusing research data are two crucial aspects of proper scientific work beside other steps in the data management lifecycle. The digitalization of science already offered plenty new publication channels for research data in the past, starting with direct data exchange, traditional self-hosted webserver downloads, up to larger centralized platform infrastructures and public/private cloud-based solutions with corresponding application providers. However, certain researchers hesitate to use centralized platforms and want to retain control on their research data, especially wrt. data privacy concerns and existing legal agreements. Alternatively, several decentralized approaches were already proposed but it appears that no solution was widely accepted so far; especially in the context of interdisciplinary research data reuse.

The aim of this project is to define and test an up-to-date data management concept that enables researchers to publish and reuse research data in a decentralized and interdisciplinary way. It should be built as a smart extension on top of established data storage server infrastructures and rely on existing standards. After a requirement analysis, already existing approaches have to be compared first to which extent they already satisfy all requirements. Based on that, a SoLiD-paradigm based approach shall be applied that overcomes identified data management weaknesses of other solutions. Therefore, present SoLiD server implementations can be used as a starting point but have to be extended to allow a researcher the publication of heterogeneous amounts of data with basic meta information and the collaboration with other researchers and institutions with anticipation of changes in mind. An implementation and evaluation has to show the feasibility and acceptance. 

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