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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Application-driven support for different customer journeys in FAIR research data publishing
Application-driven support for different customer journeys in FAIR research data publishing

Research Area

Intelligent Information Management


Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris







Publishing research datasets in centralized DataHubs so that other
researchers can find it is a crucial aspect of proper scientific work
beside other steps in the research data management lifecycle.
Sophisticated web-based data management applications already exist
that allow a user to openly publish a dataset in different shapes,
formats and sizes. Examples are CKAN/DKAN, DSpace or the Dataverse.
However, the publishing process for research datasets (in comparison
to OpenData in general) is special in several ways. Metadata has to be
provided that describes the characteristics of the research artifact,
which can often only be done by the researcher himself/herself. The
description has to be structured and unambiguous, so that it can also
be understood by researchers from other disciplines. Further legal
aspects have to be taken into consideration such as limited access or
embargo dates. Interfaces to other applications might be relevant that
require stable resource identifiers. And the user group of researchers
might have different levels of experience, time and expectation when
publishing a new research dataset.

The aim of this project is to address this issue with a
customer-journey centered approach in an appropriate, existing DataHub
application. After providing a motivating scenario, different research
data publishing behaviors have to be identified and be described in
customer journeys. Based on that, requirements have to be described
when publishing a research dataset so that researchers also from other
disciplines can find and reuse it. A state-of-the-art overview has to
compare existing DataHub applications and their support for these
research data publishing activities. A concept has to be developed,
how a research data management platform can be established and
extended so that the identified customer journeys and
interdisciplinary research dataset exchange idea are supported. An
implementation and evaluation has to show the feasability and

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