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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Applying Web Engineering to turn a web catalog into a Collaborative Web Application
Applying Web Engineering to turn a web catalog into a Collaborative Web Application



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Intelligent Information Management


Bach Tran

Bach Tran






In the context of OpenScience, researchers are encouraged to publish their research datasets in common data repositories so that others can find and reuse it. As the files contained in such a research dataset are commonly not self-descriptive, the authors have to provide additional meta-information about the nature, format and content of this dataset. By using established terminologies with unique concept identifiers, researchers can make sure, that the provided meta information is structured, unambiguous and appropriate for retrieval activities in the future. Several web-based terminology catalogs already exist providing services for accessing a collection of relevant taxonomies. However, the current data presentation and management is driven by controlled and multiple times reviewed vocabularies and therefore often quite static. Provided terms might be incomplete, outdated or even contain wrong information. Instead, it would be a benefit if such a knowledge base of research-related concepts can be extended by a broader community, including the creation of missing terms, the categorization of existing concept groups and the interlinking between related concepts.

The objective of the Master's thesis project is to discuss and assess the extension of traditional terminology services with collaborative features. Collaborative features may encompass adding, updating, versioning, voting, tagging and linking concepts/terms if they relate to similar aspects of the real world. The use case can be limited to a particular research domain, such as research concepts relevant for human-machine interaction, and to a particular base application such as Skosmos.

After describing the current situation and a motivating scenario, a requirement analysis has be performed first. Then, a state-of-the-art analysis concerning existing approaches has to be conducted. A concept has to be designed and described, in which necessary model/view/controller extensions of such a web-based terminology application are discussed that are requirded to realize a collaborative behavior. An implementation and evaluation has to show the feasibility and acceptance of these extensions.

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