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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Visualization of Knowledge Graphs
Visualization of Knowledge Graphs

Research Area

Intelligent Information Management







Knowledge Graphs represent information and their relationships in the form of interconnected RDF triple statements. The visualisation of a knowledge graph is not trivial and depends from the usage scenario, user requirements, data complexity and other aspects. Typical visualisations include a tabular-style information list, a planar graph visualization and also interactive threedimensional graph navigation components with additional filtering concepts such as Semantic Zooming.

The task of this project is to investigate new visualisation approaches for knowledge graphs. After a state-of the art analysis, requirements have to be defined for achieving a suitable user experience. After that, a visualization component shall be implemented and demonstrated that satisfies all requirements for a particular use case. Navigation aspects should also be considered. An evaluation should assess the benefits of the presented approach and compare it with other existing solutions.

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